Composer for Film, Television, Theater, and Multi-media: scores music to accompany a motion picture for film, TV shows, a theater production, and video games or multimedia presentations. This could include dramatic underscore as well as popular songwriting using a blend of acoustic and electronic techniques.

Producer: works mainly with recording acts and record labels to produce records. He supervises all aspects of the recording process—including contracting session players and overseeing the recording budget—and may also help the artist select songs to be recorded.

Acoustic and Electronic Orchestrator : He is responsible for transposing music from one instrument, voice, or electronic sound to another in order to accommodate a particular musician, group, or style, and writing scores for an orchestra, band, choral group, electronic, and hybrid ensembles, individual instrumentalist(s), or vocalist(s).

Jingle Writer: specialized in writing music for radio and television commercials. He is responsible for representing their client musically as directed.

Conductor: A conductor’s main duty is preparing an orchestra or ensemble for the finest performance they are capable of presenting. This includes choosing the repertoire, organizing rehearsals.

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