Daniele Siliquini (Composer, Arranger, Producer and Guitarist) was born in Amandola, Italy, his grandfather was a music teacher and a trumpet player who introduced him to the guitar at a young age.

At the age of 13, Daniele was awarded first place in the admission placement at the Conservatory of Music “G. B. Pergolesi” in Fermo, Italy where he studied Classical Guitar Performance with Guitarist, Composer and Conductor, Silvio Catalini. Daniele performed Classical Guitar Repertoire in major theaters and auditoriums in solo, duo and large ensembles.

He performed on the Rock and Pop Italian music scene from 2000 to 2008, before moving to the United States where he would perform various styles of music in theater shows and various venues.

With a M.A. degree in Political Science from the Universita di Macerata in Italy with a thesis on History of Political Thought with the subject: “J.J. Rousseau, between Music and Society”, Daniele relocated to Boston, Massachusetts and became a student of the prestigious Berklee College of Music.  He graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in  Contemporary Writing & Production and continues to study composition with Alla Elana Cohen who is his musical inspiration and mentor.

Daniele is currently composing, arranging and producing music for a wide variety of instrumental, vocal, acoustic, and electronic combinations, ranging from small workshop and chamber groups to orchestra.  His compositions and performances have won several competitions at Berklee College of Music, Europe and the United States.

He also published various articles and one book on Event and Music Marketing.

Daniele is currently a faculty member of Boston University – cdia,  where he teaches in the Audio Production Department.

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